ML Data Solutions provides comprehensive data management solutions. From our premier Data Discovery & Distillation Solution which can provide order and value to massive stores of unstructured data, to records management and modernization services that can deliver longevity to aging physical documents, and put you back in control of your data.

Throughout the federal government, agencies and organizations have accumulated hundreds to thousands of petabytes of unstructured data over the past several years. This large amount of data is currently creating a massive issue of disorganization and lost information. Regardless of the type, location, or classification of the data, without deep and accurate production of data discovery and subsequent distilling of information into “metadata” that describes the content, it becomes largely useless. Tagging the data would allow:

  • More accurate and complete searches
  • Digitization and cataloging of existing records
  • Identify the type(s) of content included in the file stores
  • Defensible deletion/expungement of data per disposition rules
  • Provide a foundation for a “Data as a Service” platform
  • More efficient and cost effective use of space and storage (both physical and digital)
  • The easy adherence to new and upcoming compliance standards

The components of the solution outlined above are designed to work together to supply clients with a complete and comprehensive data tagging, digitization, and analytics solution to address a limitless amount of unstructured data in a scalable format that will be easy to maintain, and easy to implement as a long-term solution for incoming data.